Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will my hosting account be activated?
If you are a new and first time client with us, your order may be subject to some manual screening for anti-fraud purposes. This can take up to 24 working hours (though usually much less), after which if everything checks out your order will be activated. Subsequent orders are automated and are instant activation.

Q. Do you offer/provide Dedicated IP Addresses?
We can provide dedicated IP addresses for clients who wish to use SSL Certificates. IP addresses may be requested via support ticket.

Q. Will you move/help move my files and data to your hosting?
If you're moving from an existing cPanel based host, we can move all of your files and data across perfectly for you. However, moving from non-cPanel based hosting providers will limit our ability to transfer your content. In these instances, we will only transfer your website file(s), leaving the rest of the configuration to yourself.

Q. Can I upgrade/downgrade my hosting account after I sign up?
All shared and reseller hosting accounts can be upgraded or downgraded automatically from within the client area. You may upgrade from a shared hosting account to a reseller hosting account and vice versa, without any problem or change in your data. Upgrades to semi-dedicated or from semi-dedicated back to shared or reseller hosting will require manual processing by a member of our team.

Q. Other hosts provide an uptime guarantee - do you?
We offer a 99% uptime guarantee. If we fail to provide you with at least 99% uptime in a calendar month, we will credit you with 1 month free hosting on your current package.

Q. What about a money back guarantee?
We provide a 30 day no question money back guarantee. Please be advised that domain registration and domain transfers are completely non-refundable.

Q. I'm new to websites, will you build my site for me or help me build my site?
Our hosting services are sold "as is" and unfortunately we cannot provide support or assistance for website design or development. We strongly recommend that you seek the services of a web designer/developer in this instance.

Q. Other hosts offer unlimited space and bandwidth, do you?
There is no such thing as unlimited space, or unlimited bandwidth. We don't mislead you about your hosting package and we don't hide restrictions or limitations in our terms and conditions. What you see is what you get.

Q. Is your support 24/7?
Yes. Our online ticket system is monitored and manned 24/7.

Q. What payment method(s) do you accept?
We accept PayPal and any valid credit or debit card.

Q. Do you have telephone support?
ThisWebHost is an online only business at this time, and we do not provide telephone support or the ability to reach us via telephone.

Q. Are you resellers of another host?
No, we are not resellers of another hosting company. Like most hosting providers, we do not have our own data center, so we may lease servers or other network infrastructure from other companies. We are, however, directly responsible for and involved with the installation, configuration and management of all of our servers and network infrastructure - these are not simply managed by someone else and resold under the ThisWebHost brand.