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Can I receive a printable invoice for my records? Absolutely. Each invoice is generated as a PDF to accompany the original e-mail. You may view and... Can I receive a refund if my site breaks your Acceptable Usage Policy? It is our policy not to provide refunds to clients whose sites breach our Acceptable Usage Policy... Help! My site was suspended for late payment but I didn't get the warnings! Please ensure that we have a valid and current e-mail address for you on file. You can view the... Help! My site was terminated for being overdue but I didn't get the warnings! Please ensure we have a correct and valid (up to date) e-mail address on file for you at all... How do I cancel a domain name? Because domain names are non-refundable once they have been registered or renewed, unfortunately... How do I cancel my hosting account? Before cancelling your service, please contact our support or sales team first and see if we can... How do I set up automatic payments? Via PayPalIn order to create a recurring payment, simply view your invoice on or before the due... How do I upgrade or downgrade my hosting account? To upgrade or downgrade your hosting account, follow these steps: Login to the client area... How much will I be charged if I upgrade or downgrade? When upgrading your account, you will be charged for the remainder of that billing cycle at the... I keep receiving notices or invoices for a domain name that I no longer want! I was affected by a payment reversal, why are all my services suspended? As per our terms (http://www.thiswebhost.com/terms.html), any payment disputes or reversals... Is there a minimum contract period? There is no minimum contract period with ThisWebHost. My account was terminated due to an overdue or unpaid invoice - can you restore my account for me? Once an account has been terminated, regardless of the reason, all data associated with that... There's a problem with my bill or I don't understand my bill! All bills should be fully explained, and broken down into their relevant charges. If you believe... What happens if I don't pay my bill on time? We provide a 5 day grace period on all invoices. If an invoice remains unpaid after 5 days past... What is your administration charge/fee? If our engineers need to perform any work that is considered custom and outside the scope of... What payment methods do you accept? We currently accept payment via PayPal and from any valid Credit or Debit card. Additional... When is my payment due? Your payment due date can always be seen on your invoice. Why have I been changed to GBP currency? Previous issues with our billing software (provided by a third party) meant we had issues... Why have I been charged twice? Please understand that it's important to make a distinction between being charged twice and...
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