About Transferring Domains to this* You may choose to transfer your domain to this* in order to have both your hosting and your... Can you cancel and refund a domain name purchase? All domain registrations are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded. Please be sure you... Do you support/Can I use custom nameservers? Absolutely. In order to use custom nameservers on our service, you simply need to register your... How do I change the contact information for my domain? Login to our client area. Select 'Domains' and then 'My Domains'. Locate the domain name you... How do I hide my personal details on WHOIS lookups? If you are concerned about your privacy, we provide a service called "ID Protection" which will... How do I renew my domain name? To renew your domain name(s), first log in to our client area.Select 'Domains' and then 'Renew... How do I transfer a domain to ThisWebHost? Transferring a .uk domain differs slightly from other TLD's such a .com, in that no EPP code is... How do I update my nameservers at ThisWebHost? 1. Login to the client area. 2. Select "Domains" -> "My Domains" from the client area... How long does it take to transfer a domain name away from ThisWebHost? Please be advised that ThisWebHost is not a direct domain registrar, and instead we resell domain... How to obtain your EPP code Your EPP code is required if you wish to transfer your domain name from us to another provider.... I am having trouble getting my EPP code Our systems will send the EPP Code for your domain to the 'Administrative' contact e-mail address... I transferred my domain name away from this* to another provider, but it is still showing in my client area! Losing registrars (the registrar from where you are moving the domain away) are not notified that... I've received an e-mail asking me to verify my domain contact information - is this legitimate? We can confirm that if you have an active domain registered with us, our systems may send you an... What IP address do I point my DNS to? Since we have many servers, and not a single server with a single IP address, please see your... What is auto renew? When a domain name is near its renewal date, if the "auto renew" option is ticked and enabled, an... What nameservers do I use with ThisWebHost? Please use the following nameservers: (
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