What are your mailing limits?

To help reduce and ideally prevent spam from being sent from our network, we impose mailing limits on all hosting accounts which restrict the number of mails that can be sent out from each account. Typically this figure is around 100 mails an hour, but is subject to change. If an account hits this limit, they will begin seeing errors and bounce-back messages from cPanel stating that the domain has exceeded the maximum number of mails. The only way to clear this error and message is to wait for 1 hour, at which point the mail counter will be reset.

In extreme cases, such as users attempting to send a huge number of e-mails in a very short time period, we have systems in place that may block or otherwise suspend accounts while we conduct a manual investigation.

What if I need to send more than 100 e-mails?
If you legitimately need to send large amounts of e-mail on a regular basis, we can certainly assist you and even look into increasing these limits. We would need to know all of the following pieces of information:

  1. The intention of the e-mails that are being sent out. For example, a newsletter, a "forum topic response" e-mail, etc.
  2. The estimated number of e-mails per hour (or per day) that need to be sent out.
  3. The source of these e-mails. How did you obtain the list of e-mail addresses in order to send them mailings?
  4. Whether or not the e-mails conform to "anti-spam regulations" and our mailing policy.
  5. If these are automated e-mails then please provide a FULL SAMPLE of the e-mails that are being sent out, so that we can evaluate them.

Once we have received the above information, we can make a determination.

If your account has been suspended or locked from sending further e-mails, it is because our systems have detected a large amount of mail activity from your account in a relatively short period of time. To have this block removed, please provide us with the above information so that we can investigate and remove any restrictions.

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