Recently a change to cPanels default settings has occurred which now requires all SMTP connections to enforce the use of SSL encryption for security reasons. As a result of this change, some customers who have previously configured their mail client(s) to send e-mail via SMTP without SSL encryption enabled may begin experiencing difficulties when trying to send e-mail.

How do we fix this?
To fix this you may need to change your SMTP connection settings to enable SSL/TLS encryption. Due to a wide variety of e-mail clients and devices, we cannot provide direct support for doing this. If you require further assistance to enable SSL/TLS SMTP authentication, please contact your device manufacturer or software developer for the individual mail client(s) that you are using.

To try and assist you, we recommend using the following SMTP server settings:

SSL/TLS: Enabled
Port: 465
SMTP/Outgoing Server Address: If you wish to use mail.yourdomain.tld you will need to ensure that you have an active and valid SSL certificate installed on your account. Please see the following KB article to set this up. If you do not wish to use mail.yourdomain.tld or otherwise do not want to install your own SSL certificate, you may simply use the shared server hostname.

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