How do I redirect my site elsewhere, but keep my mail hosted with you?

Some users may wish to redirect their main website to a third party platform, but keep and maintain their e-mail account(s) with ThisWebHost. To do this is relatively simple and involves some DNS changes.

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Click on the 'Advanced DNS Zone Editor' option.

  3. Under the 'Domain' select box, choose the domain you wish to manage.

  4. Under 'Zone File Records', locate the mail.yourdomain.tld record (replacing yourdomain.tld with the domain name you wish to manage) and then click on the 'Edit' link to the right of the row.

  5. Under the 'Type' field, use the select box to change the record type from the default of CNAME to A. In the 'Address' text box, enter the IP address of your hosting account with us. When done, click the 'Edit Record' button. If everything went well, after a few seconds you will see a green "Success" message.

  6. Go back to the main page of cPanel and select the 'Zone Editor' option within the 'Domains' section:

  7. Under the list of domain names, click the 'Manage' icon to the right of the domain you wish to update the MX records for.
  8. Under the 'Filter' list, click on 'MX' to view the current MX record for the domain name. Then click 'Edit' towards the right of the record:

  9. Update the 'Destination' text field from yourdomain.tld (replacing yourdomain.tld with the domain name you wish to manage) to mail.yourdomain.tld (again, replacing yourdomain.tld with the appropriate domain name). When you are ready, click the 'Save Record' button below.

  10. If everything went well, you should see a "Changed Record" success message. Your mail is now configured to use a subdomain and any changes to your account main A record will not affect mail deliverability.
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