I am receiving "Deprecated" PHP warnings/notices on my website

If you are seeing "Deprecated" notices on your website then this usually means that you are running a newer version of PHP than your website code supports, and that this later version of PHP is not completely compatible with the code your site is using. This can either be as a result of a PHP change or upgrade on the server your website is hosted on, or because you have attempted to use code that is obsolete and no longer supported in current versions of PHP. There are two ways to resolve this problem;

  1. You can correct/update your code to accomodate the necessary changes to the version of PHP that you are running. For obvious reasons this is the least accessible option and may not be possible in a large number of situations.
  2. You can change the version of PHP that your account is using. While we do not recommend this option (as running an older version of PHP could reduce the security and performance of your account), this is the fastest way to resolve the problem. For information on how to change the version of PHP that your account is using, please see the following knowledgebase article. We recommend starting with the latest version of PHP and downgrading 1 version at a time until the Deprecated notices no longer display on your site.
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