Information on our Free Site Transfers

How much does it cost?

Our free site transfer/site migration is completely free. We will, at no point, ever charge you for transferring your site across from a previous provider.

What can you transfer across for me?

What we can transfer across depends on the service provider you are moving from. We run cPanel on our servers, so if you are transferring in from an existing cPanel based host, we can essentially transfer your entire account and all of its settings across. This should include your e-mail accounts and mailboxes, any subdomains, addon domains, DNS entries, databases and anything else attached to it. In short; your site should be an identical copy of what was at your previous provider.

If your existing host is not a cPanel based host, then we will only transfer your website files and database(s) for the main account - excluding any subdomains and addon domains that you may have. This means that your website will be functioning and ready to go, but you may need to spend some time recreating your mailboxes and managing the other missing components that we were not able to transfer.

Important notes regarding cPanel transfers

To transfer your cPanel account, your hosting account with us must match the domain we are transferring in. For example, if your hosting account with us is under the name "" - the hosting account we are transferring from your old host must also be under the name "". If it is not, we will have no choice but to replace the name of your account with us with the name of the old account we are migrating.

Please note that in order to migrate your account from an existing cPanel host we will need to terminate and recreate your account on our servers using the backup we generate from your old provider. This will mean any existing data or content on our servers will be removed and replaced by the data we take from your old hosting provider. It is not possible to merge any data uploaded to our servers with your account from another provider, so if you have added content to your account with us, please ensure you have a backup before submitting a transfer request.

How do I request a free site transfer?

After you have signed up for your hosting account, you may submit a 'Site Transfer Request' using a form via our client area at the following URL: Please note that you must be logged in to access this URL.

The form itself will look like this:

The information we require

In order to transfer your data from your current host, we require specific information. Please note, and for clarification, all of the information we are asking for is information relating to your hosting account with your old provider, and not us. Please do not enter any information in this page that relates to your hosting account with us.

Site Domain - This is the domain name of the site you wish to transfer in.

Site IP Address - This is the IP address of the site. If you do not know this information, your hosting provider should be able to provide it to you.

FTP Username: - The username you use to access your account via FTP.

FTP Password: - The corresponding password you use to access your account via FTP.

Control Panel URL: - The URL you use to access your control panel. If this is not a cPanel based host, this can be the control panel you use to gain access to your account functions. This control panel should contain access to files and databases at minimum.

Control Panel Username: - The username you use to access your account via a control panel. If your current host is a cPanel host, this will be the same as your FTP username.

Control Panel Password: - The corresponding password you use to access your account via a control panel. If your current host is a cPanel host, this will be the same as your FTP password.

Please ensure that the data you have provided is accurate to prevent any delays in our ability to transfer your website across.

Your transfer form mentions "maintenance mode". What is this and why is it important?

When transferring your site across we essentially take a snapshot of your site at the moment we begin the transfer. This means that your website will look exactly how it did at this moment in time.

If you run a forum, or other busy site where the content is constantly changing, you may lose any data that was added to your website while the transfer was taking place. To prevent this, we ask all customers to put their websites into maintenance mode. This is a mode that temporarily disables changes to your site and sets it into a "read only" state. This will prevent you from losing any data while we complete the migration process and ensure that your site is as up to date possible.

If you are unable to put your site into maintenance mode then please be advised that it is potentially likely that the data we migrate across will be a day or more old once the process is completed.

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