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This depends on many factors, so it's perhaps best if we explain how our ticket system works.

What we See
Tickets are sorted in date order, based on the last customer response. This means that the older the last customer response, the higher it appears in our list and accordingly the quicker it will receive a response. Every time a customer responds to a ticket, this updates the last customer response timestamp and essentially puts this ticket to the bottom of the list again, because it becomes the "newest" ticket that we have. For this reason we recommend not constantly responding to a ticket with new information but instead try to consolidate everything into a single response, otherwise you may experience additional delays.

"Bumping" a ticket by responding to it requesting updates periodically will simply not work, and will almost guarantee you experience additional delays due to the way our system works (as explained above), so please don't do this.

Response vs Resolution
Receiving a response from us does not guarantee resolution. We may need to respond to your ticket to request more information from you, which can increase the time it takes for us to solve your issue. Please try and provide us with as much information as you can during your initial ticket to prevent these delays. You can never provide us with "too much" information, so the more you can give us the faster we can help you.

Patience is a Virtue
Please be advised that we do not provide any guarantees or SLA's when it comes to ticket response times. We ask that you please be patient and reasonable when requesting support. There are many different factors that can determine how long it may take us to respond to your ticket, things such as how many existing tickets are currently in the queue, how many support staff we currently have available, whether or not there are any currently global widespread problems that engineers may be investigating, and so on.

If we haven't responded to your ticket as quickly as you would like, we are sorry for that. We are likely busy working with other customers to help with their issues or are spending additional time trying to resolve the problem directly. Please remain patient and we'll respond to your ticket as soon as we can.

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