Why have I been changed to GBP currency?

Previous issues with our billing software (provided by a third party) meant we had issues managing multiple currencies (USD and GBP). These issues now appear to be resolved, so we are pleased to be able to accept payments in both GBP and USD.

Why did you switch my currency over to GBP?
We decided to manually convert all customers within the United Kingdom from paying in USD to GBP instead. Some customers may have received additional charges at their bank or card provider for currency conversion due to previously paying in USD. Converting to GBP will eliminate this and save those customers money.

Additionally, it just makes sense that customers within the United Kingdom should be paying in GBP.

Do I have to do anything?
We are in the process of upgrading all UK clients, and there should be no need to perform any action on your end.

Why has the price changed?
Due to currency conversion, this isn't simply a switch in currency type. If you were previously paying $3.99/month for hosting, you would not expect to now pay £3.99/month - as this is a greater cost.  You may now instead find your new pricing is an odd number. This is because we took the exchange rate at the start of the day and converted your previous USD value to the new GBP equivalent. This new GBP equivalent will be a fixed value for the remainder of your term, and fluctuations in exchange rates will have no effect on this.

How are new prices calculated?
Each day, and once a day, our billing software obtains the current exchange rate and will update the GBP prices on our client area for new products. Because of this you may notice that if you try to purchase a new account of a type that you already have, the price is different. This is expected behaviour and is simply a result of fluctuating exchange rates.

Existing active products do not have their prices updated once a day. When you purchase your service, the price you pay at the point of purchase is the price you will continue to pay for the remainder of the service life.

My previous invoices are wrong!
Unfortunately there is an existing bug in our billing software (provided by a third party) that means previously paid invoices will show the old USD value but with the new GBP currency prefix. So, a previous invoice of $3.99 will now show as £3.99. 

Our billing software provider is aware of this issue and we are awaiting a fix to this. Due to the nature of the bug, it is unlikely that they can fix this for existing invoices, but may be able to fix it for future invoices going forward. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
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