I was affected by a payment reversal, why are all my services suspended?

As per our terms (http://www.thiswebhost.com/terms.html), any payment disputes or reversals sourced directly from your bank or payment processor will result in all services, even those not attached to the original dispute, being suspended pending investigation of your account. This is an automated anti-fraud measure to prevent customers from trying to obtain service(s) fraudulently without paying for them.

Administration Fee
Following a payment dispute, you may be charged an administration fee of $20. This fee is necessary for the manual investigation of the dispute and covers our time and resources in investigating and liasing with the banks or payment processor. Additionally, reversed payments actually cost us money in fees and potential penalties. It is not simply a case of refunding the money in order to resolve and close the dispute. Every dispute opened against us potentially harms our reputation with our payment processors. Web hosting already has a relatively high rate of fraud due to the disposable and semi-anonymous nature of the Internet, so we have to work hard with these processors to provide information and evidence to prove we are operating fairly and legally.

This administration fee will need to be paid before any services or access to services are restored. If you refuse to pay the fee, your services and data will become at risk of termination. We will not provide a copy or backup of data in situations where a dispute or reversal has been made against us, and this administration fee is not paid.

If this administration fee is paid and then subsequently disputed or reversed later, we reserve the right to commence legal proceedings against you in order to retrieve the funds. Additionally, your details will be added to a fraud database used by hosting providers, and this may affect your ability to obtain services with other providers in the future.

Avoiding Disputes
If you wish to dispute a transaction then please get in touch with us via support ticket. We are extremely approachable and will happily refund any transactions that are duplicates, mistakes, or otherwise should not have been made. There is absolutely no need to raise a dispute or chargeback with your bank or payment processor before getting in touch with us first.
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