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Due to the way cPanel and WHM works, there can be a difference of disk usage reported by our systems and the actual disk usage of your account. To try and clarify this, our WHMCS client area will presently only show the disk usage of the base account name listed. For example, if you were to have signed up using the domain name 'myreselleraccount.com', the disk space reported from within our client area applies to 'myreselleraccount.com' and its files only:

Main base disk usage only
In the above screenshot, we see that the base account only is using 332MB of disk space. Any accounts created within your reseller are are not counted towards this disk usage at all and must be calculated separately. Throughout this article we will be referring to the above disk usage as the base account disk usage.

How do I view my entire disk usage combined then?
The only way at present to calculate your entire reseller account disk usage is to take the base account disk usage and then add this to the combined usage of all of your sub-accounts (accounts created via your reseller/WHM area).

How do I view the disk usage for my sub-accounts?
There are two methods to do this, the first is to login to WHM and select the 'List Accounts' option on the far left side. You will then see a complete list of all accounts you have created in WHM, along with their disk quotas and disk usage. For example:

WHM Disk Usage
Viewing your disk usage in this way can be useful to determine which accounts are using the most disk space and to see which accounts may need to reduce their usage.

Once you've obtained a list of your account and how much space they are using, you will then need to add all these values together and combine them with your base account disk usage to reach the total value of your account disk usage. Whilst we do allow resellers to oversell their accounts in order to sell their own custom packages without limits, we do enforce this quite heavily, so you will need to ensure your total combined base account disk space and sub-account disk space remains under the disk quota you purchased. For example, if you purchased our 25GB disk space reseller account then your base account disk space and sub-account disk space must not exceed 25GB together. It does not mean that your main account can use 25GB and then the sub-accounts within WHM can also use 25GB!

Perhaps an even easier way to view your WHM Disk usage is to choose the 'Create a new account' option on the left side. You will then see a new account creation page, but if you scroll down a little you will find the following section:

WHM Create an Account
This section shows that the accounts in this reseller area are currently using 419.21MB of the 12000/12GB the account has been allocated. Viewing your disk usage in this section saves you having to calculate the entire usage manually.

To determine your entire account disk usage, you would then take this figure (419.21) and add it to the base account disk usage in the first section above (332) to determine that your total reseller account disk space is 751.21MB (419.21+332).

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