Help! My site was terminated for being overdue but I didn't get the warnings!

Please ensure we have a correct and valid (up to date) e-mail address on file for you at all times. We send invoice reminders and multiple e-mail warnings before any account terminations take place so cannot be held responsible if you are unable to receive these e-mails.

Accounts would be suspended for at least a period of 7-14 days before any termination is actioned. We would expect that the suspension (and thus interruption to all services) would also service as a notification that the account has been interrupted in situations where any e-mails are not received, read, or otherwise acknowledged.

Unfortunately, if your account has been terminated for an overdue invoice then we will no longer have any data or content stored on our servers for that account. Because of this, we cannot provide any solution for restoring your account or its content, and should you wish to continue hosting with us you will need to order a new hosting account from scratch and upload any content you may have from your own local backup.
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