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Before contacting us via e-mail please be aware of the following;

Existing Customers:

a) Our published e-mail address is for pre-sales communications only. We do not provide hosting or billing support on this e-mail address. Any support enquiries sent to this address will not reach our support team. If you require hosting or billing support you will need to submit a support ticket by logging in to our client area.

b) If you cannot login to your client area account with us, please use the 'Request a Password Reset' link on the login page. You will find this link near the bottom of the login box. Please do not e-mail us reporting issues logging in to your account - we provide the ability for you reset your password automatically without our intervention.

c) If you cannot reset your password using the link mentioned above, because you no longer have access to your e-mail address, it is an e-mail address on an account you are having problems with, or you cannot remember which e-mail address is associated with your account, our sales team will be able to help you. Please ensure that when you contact us, you provide ALL of the following pieces of information so that we may identify you and your account

  • The domain name of the account in question.
  • The latest/last transaction ID used to make a payment on your account. You will find this on a payment receipt from us or PayPal. If you need to search your PayPal history you can search for the recipient [email protected].
  • If you did not pay via paypal and instead paid by credit or debit card, please provide a scanned copy of your credit/debit card statement showing the transaction made to us. Please be sure to blank/white out other transaction data so only our transaction is showing, but be sure we can see the date the transaction was made.
  • If not already included above, the date the last payment to us was made.
  • The amount this last payment was for. Please be sure to include the currency it was made in.
  • Please provide us with a new e-mail address you would like us to update your account to use. This will replace the existing e-mail address you cannot use. We will update your account to use this e-mail address, and you will then be able to perform a password reset on this new address in order to retrieve access to the account.
If you do not provide all of the necessary identifying information, we will be unable to determine if you are the owner of the account and will not be able to assist you. Please be sure to send the above information in an e-mail to [email protected].

New or Prospective Customers:

a) Our sales team operate Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm. If contacting us outside of these hours, please be patient and wait for a response during working hours.

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