My website is hosted by a client of yours but it is currently inaccessible, can you help me? Print

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Unfortunately we cannot provide any support to customers of our clients. If you are having difficulty with your website you will need to contact the person you originally obtained hosting from. If you are unable to contact the person responsible for your account, we will still be unable to help you. The agreement for our hosting services is between ourselves and the named individual on the account only and we will not deviate from this.

But I cannot get in touch with this person and my website is down! Can I just pay the bill with you to restore service?

Again, unfortunately this is not possible. The agreement for our services is between us and the named account holder only, and payments can only be authorised from an individual with access to the client account we hold.

Additionally we cannot "move" any data from a client account to a new account without the original account holders prior authorisation.

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