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Do you support/Can I use custom nameservers? Absolutely. In order to use custom nameservers on our service, you simply need to register your... How do I login to cPanel? To login to cPanel for your hosting account, we recommend the following steps; Please login to... I am receiving a "406 Not Acceptable" error message To try and reduce automated attacks against Wordpress sites that we host, we have implemented... I am receiving a 403 Forbidden error message on my site. There are typically 2 reasons for receiving a 403 error:1. Litespeed (the web server software we... I am receiving a 509 Bandwidth Exceeded message This message occurs when you have reached the bandwidth limit on your current hosting package. To... I am receiving an AJAX error in cPanel Please be advised that this is a local (client side) browser issue and is not a server issue.... I am receiving the message: This feature is not available while logged in with root override. As a reseller, when attempting to perform an action in cPanel you may experience the following... I can't find my hosting/FTP/cPanel details! Please check your "New Account Information' e-mail which contains all information needed to... I cannot change my cPanel password in the client area If you are receiving a Password Change Failed error message, please ensure you choose a much... I'm receiving a 403 error when accessing Wordpress' XMLRPC or Jetpack Over the last few months we have seen a significant increase in attacks made against Wordpress,... I'm receiving a popup login window when trying to Wordpress UPDATE NOTE: This system is now deprecated, meaning it is no longer active and has been removed... I've received a warning about my reseller disk space Due to the way cPanel and WHM works, there can be a difference of disk usage reported by our... My Wordpress site is running slow! If your Wordpress site is running slow we recommend disabling all plugins to see if this resolves... My site is displaying a blank or white page A white or blank page indicates a script problem on your website. To elaborate; typically the... My site/cPanel appears down or times out after I tried to login! What is happening? We monitor all services (E-mail, FTP, cPanel, Web, etc) on our servers for... My website is generating an "Internal Server Error" or 500 error. Each time an "Internal Server Error" occurs, this error is fully logged to an error_log within... My website is hosted by a client of yours but it is currently inaccessible, can you help me? Unfortunately we cannot provide any support to customers of our clients. If you are having... SSL Protocols and Issues Sending or Receiving Mail During any SSL connection process, there are usually "talks" between the client (your device/s)... Too many connections from this IP If you are receiving the error "Too many connections from this IP" when FTP'ing files to or from... Why are my e-mails being marked as ***SPAM*** ? Why am I seeing e-mails being marked as ***SPAM*** in the subject header? We now implement a... Why do I need to purchase a new hosting account to get a dedicated IP Address? If you have an existing account with us, and require a dedicated IP address for the account you... Why does my cronjob keep changing? As per our Acceptable Usage Policy, cronjobs can run no more frequently than every 15 minutes....
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