My website is generating an "Internal Server Error" or 500 error.

Each time an "Internal Server Error" occurs, this error is fully logged to an error_log within your account. This error can appear for a multitude of different reasons. The 2 most common, however, are:

1. You are attempting to use invalid parameters in a .htaccess file. This commonly occurs if you've made a mistake (a typo), or you're attempting to use .htaccess parameters incorrectly. To determine the exact line(s) that are causing an issue and why, please look for an error_log file in the same folder as the script/domain you are trying to access.

2. You have changed the permissions (chmodded) a file or folder in your webspace to 777 or something equally insecure. We utilise SuPHP which means that you do not have to set global write permissions on files or folders within your webspace. Simply change these permissions back to 755 and this error will disappear.

To determine the exact cause of the problem, please login to your account and look for an error_log file in the same folder as the script/domain you are trying to access. This file will show you the exact error(s) being generated and will tell you exactly what is causing the issue and why. If you are unable to locate an appropriate error_log file, you may also login to cPanel and click on the 'Errors' section. The latest errors (including those responsible for the Internal Server Error) will be listed at the top.

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