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What is happening?
We monitor all services (E-mail, FTP, cPanel, Web, etc) on our servers for incorrect and invalid login attempts. If we detect repeated authorisation failures from a specific IP address within a short time period, our servers will block that IP address from connecting to that service for up to 60 minutes. This is known as a temporary block. If we detect several temporary blocks from an IP address in a short time period, this is then escalated to a permanent block and all traffic is then blocked to and from that IP address permanently. Permanent blocks do not expire and instead can only be removed by senior members of staff.

Results of a Block
Once your IP address has been temporary blocked, that entire service will appear down for you for up to 60 minutes. For example, if you keep entering an invalid username and password to your POP3 mail account then all POP3 e-mail access will appear down - even for accounts that worked previously. It's important to understand that this block is to you and your IP address only. It does not mean your service has been taken offline for everyone else. Because the block is IP address based, this means if you are sharing the connection with multiple users or machines, it is possible for a single user to potentially cause service disruption for others if they are having login problems.

If a permanent block is triggered (as above) then all services will appear down to you. Your e-mail, FTP, cPanel, website, etc will all appear to be offline.

Why is this happening?
This system is in place to prevent attackers from 'brute forcing' login systems on our servers - and gaining control over accounts or services that have weak passwords in place. Unfortunately this can mean that in some cases if you forget your own password, there is a risk of being locked out of your website for up to 60 minutes. We strongly recommend and advise that if you are having trouble remembering your password, you do not keep trying to guess it. Instead, you should look at resetting your password to something more memorable.

If you need more specific information as to why an IP address is being blocked, please submit a ticket from within our client area and we can advise.

I have been blocked, can you please remove it?
Please do not ask us to remove temporary blocks. These automatically expire within 60 minutes so do not need to be removed by a member of our team. If you do need to urgently remove a block, you can do so from within our client area. Upon logging in, our systems will first check if your current IP address is in any blocks and then automatically remove that. If you wish to unblock an IP address that is not the one you are currently using, you may use the unblock IP feature within the client area. This can be accessed by clicking 'Support' and then 'Unblock IP'. Please be advised that we only allow customers to remove one block every 60 minutes, to prevent abuse. If you remove an IP address block and become blocked again, you will need to wait the full 60 minutes to remove the block once more.

In cases of permanent blocks, these are also removable by clients using the above system.

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