How to Update Joomla using a Component

Joomla currently does not provide any form of automatic upgrade(s) to its software. To perform the upgrade we are going to install a third party component which will handle the process for us. Please be advised that ThisWebHost does not support this third party component and cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur as a result of using it.

Step 1. Download the following Joomla component as a file to your local machine:

Step 2. Login to your Joomla administration panel.

Step 3. Using the top navigation bar, navigate to Extensions - Install/Uninstall

Step 4. Select the path to the downloaded component and then click on 'Upload file & Install'

Step 5. At the top navigation bar, select 'Components' and then 'Update Manager'

Step 6. Click 'download the update file':

Step 7. Depending upon how out of date your version is, choose from the following options:

In this example, we are choosing 'Patch Package' because we are already running version 1.5.xx.

Step 8. Choose 'you can proceed with the install':

Step 9. Congratulations, Joomla has now been updated:

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