Why do I need to purchase a new hosting account to get a dedicated IP Address?

If you have an existing account with us, and require a dedicated IP address for the account you hold with us, a member of staff can apply the dedicated IP address to your account and bill this for you separately. If you wish to purchase a dedicated IP address for other accounts you perhaps host via WHM, the rest of this article is relevant to you.

Due to ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) regulations, we are required to monitor our IP address allocations (used IP addresses, and free IP addresses) all of the time. The most logical way for us to do this is to utilise our already existing client area to essentially match hosting accounts to IP addresses. We can then use this information to update our usage with our network provider.  There are other advantages to this solution; such as the ability to provide automatic dedicated IP address allocation (currently in progress).

As a WHM/Reseller user, your additional client sites created via WHM are not recorded or logged within our client area. The result of this is that we cannot deploy or monitor IP address usage on your subaccounts. This is why you must purchase a new hosting account via our client area; for us to to then be able to provision the IP address and configure reverse DNS accordingly.


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