Why have I been charged twice?

Please understand that it's important to make a distinction between being charged twice and paying for your service twice. Our billing systems are completely automated and will only bill you once per term for your services. We are, however, aware of situations where some customers have accidentally paid the same invoice multiple times. The most common cause of this is forgetting that you have a PayPal subscription set up to pay us your hosting fees every month, and then when receiving your invoice you also pay the invoice manually. The result is that we receive the manual payment for your invoice, and then later the automatic (subscription) payment from PayPal also comes through and gets added to your invoice.

It is very important to note that we are unable to take any money from PayPal accounts directly - the PayPal subscription system is completely managed by you as the client and this authorises PayPal to send us the prior arranged fee for your account each and every term. We have no way of taking funds without your prior authorisation, consent or knowledge, and the subscription is always manageable by the PayPal account owner at any time. For your convenience and to try and prevent duplicate payments in this manner, we try to add the following bold warning to the bottom of all invoice e-mails to help remind you if a subscription is active:

"Our records indicate that you have an existing active PayPal subscription to pay this invoice, so no further action should be necessary on your part. Please do not attempt to pay this invoice manually unless you have cancelled the active PayPal subscription."

When duplicate payments are made, our billing area automatically adds any overpayment to your account credit with us. This credit will be used automatically towards any new invoices that are generated with us - such as your recurring service invoice, or any invoices created for new services.

If you find that you've accidentally paid twice and would like a refund of this payment, please contact our team within 60 days (the maximum period PayPal allow for refunds) and we'll be happy to refund the additional payment back to you. Please do not initiate any PayPal chargebacks instead of contacting us. We take payment reversals very seriously, and our automated systems will suspend or even terminate all of your services pending manual review if a payment dispute or reversal is detected. We will happily work with you to review duplicate payments, so a chargeback or dispute is not necessary at all. Please note that due to PayPals terms, we cannot refund any payments older than 60 days back to you. These payments will instead remain as account credit held with us.

If you have account credit with us, but still maintain the PayPal subscription, your subscription will constantly keep your account in a state of credit by regularly sending the payments to us. In order to utilise your account credit you will need to cancel any PayPal subscriptions that are currently active. You can find out more about how to do this via the following PayPal help article:


Please be advised that ThisWebHost cannot cancel your subscription(s) for you. This is something that will need to be managed from your PayPal account directly.

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