About Transferring Domains to this*

You may choose to transfer your domain to this* in order to have both your hosting and your domain in the same place for convenience. There are, however, a few restrictions and key things you need to consider when it comes to transferring a domain:

For .com and most other TLD's:

  1. The domain name you are transferring to us must be at least 60 days old. To clarify, your domain must have been registered for at least 60 days before you are able to transfer it to us. This is a security measure imposed by domain registrars and is beyond our control. Attempting to transfer a domain less than 60 days old will result in the transfer process automatically failing.
  2. Your domain must be unlocked for transfer. If your domain is not unlocked, the transfer process will fail. Please contact your existing domain registrar to ensure the domain is unlocked.
  3. Any WHOIS Guard or other WHOIS data protection services must be disabled. This is because the transfer process involves sending an approval/confirmation e-mail to the administrative contact on the domain name. If any kind of ID protection/WHOIS guard is enabled, you are unlikely to receive this e-mail and cannot aprove the transfer. Please contact your existing domain registrar to ensure that this service is disabled.
  4. You must obtain an EPP code from your current registrar. This code must be alphanumeric and contain no "special" characters.
  5. If your domain has expired, it may be possible to transfer to us if it is not in the redemption period. Please check with your current registrar first.

For .uk domains:

  1. Before you can initiate the transfer to us, the IPSTAG for your domain must be changed to 'ENOM' (without quotes).
  2. If your domain name has more than 90 days left before expiration, it cannot be automatically renewed for a further period by us. In these situations, the cost of the transfer will be 100% refunded, and you will need to renew the domain closer to the expiration date.
  3. Though you may be prompted for an EPP code, no code is necessary for .uk domains - so please just enter '123' (without quotes) into this field.

The domain transfer fee

The domain transfer fee includes the renewal of your domain when it is successfully transferred to us.

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