Do you support/Can I use custom nameservers?

Absolutely. In order to use custom nameservers on our service, you simply need to register your custom nameservers using our own nameserver IP addresses. Our IP addresses are as follows:

ns1 -
ns2 -
ns3 -

As an example, if you wanted to create and use custom nameservers for the domain you would register the following with your domain registrar: - - -

These need to be registered directly with your domain registrar. If we are not your domain registrar, please contact them for further information on how to register nameservers. Please note that registering nameservers is NOT simply a case of using them.

If you have a dedicated IP address on your account, the above information also applies. Having a dedicated IP has no influence on your nameservers at all.

Previous Nameservers

For reference for those who are updating the nameservers from our old IP addresses to the new ones, here are the previous IP addresses used:

Please do not use these IP addresses to register nameservers. This information is for reference only.

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