Please be aware of potentially fraudulent and scam e-mails from companies advising you that clients in their country (typically China) are interested in registering domain names that use the same SLD (second level domain) but a different TLD (top level domain) that you are currently using. For example, you may be contacted by a company in China advising you that their clients are thinking of purchasing (as an example) and that they wanted to offer you the option of purchasing the domain names first under the guise of "protecting your trademark". They may then further try to tempt you by explaining that by allowing someone else to register these domain names, you would therefore be giving up usage, control or trademark of your SLD and may lose the association of your brand name entirely.

There is lots of information about this "scam" on the Internet, but please be advised that ThisWebHost does not recommend purchasing domain names from anyone representing themselves in this fashion. The sole purpose of these e-mails appears to be to mis-sell individuals expensive domain names under the guise of brand name and trademark ownership/control.

If you do wish to purchase additional TLD's for your brand/domain name, we fully recommend that you do so manually and via an appropriate domain registrar. Do not accept offers via unsolicited e-mail, as they are likely to be over-priced and may not even result in the registration of the domains that they list!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

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