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Now providing UK based Hosting

March 18th, 2013

closeThis post was published 6 years 7 months ago which means the content may no longer be applicable or relevant to the service we offer today. If in doubt, please contact us.

I am pleased to announce that ThisWebHost are now able to provide hosting for websites on UK based servers.

Previously we announced that we were offering hosting within Europe on servers located in Germany, however have now moved our main source of European hosting to a datacenter in London, UK. We have made this change as we have a significant number of clients based within the UK, and with ourselves being a UK registered company, this seemed like the most logical source of hosting within Europe.

Customers on our Germany sourced servers have been automatically migrated to a new UK server. Customers who are based within the UK but whose hosting accounts appear on US servers have been contacted by e-mail to let them know of the option to move to UK hosting. There is now a UK option for hosting location during our checkout process. Should you wish to be migrated to a server within the UK, please contact us via support ticket and request a transfer. As always, we will transfer any accounts over to our UK servers completely free of charge.

At this time, the cost of UK hosting (although more expensive for us as a provider) will remain the same for all existing and new clients. We may be able to offer additional hosting locations within Europe in the future, but for now we shall focus primarily on the UK in terms of our European operations.

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