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Changes to SSL Certificates and Dedicated IP Addressing

August 18th, 2015

closeThis post was published 4 years 4 days ago which means the content may no longer be applicable or relevant to the service we offer today. If in doubt, please contact us.

We are very pleased to announce some positive changes to the SSL certificate process here at ThisWebHost.

The previous system
Previously, customers wishing to implement SSL security to their website were required to purchase both a dedicated IP address (+$5/month) and ensure that the account they wanted to use for SSL was a standalone account (not in a reseller account, nor an add-on or sub-domain). Finally, once the certificate was purchased and configured, you would have to open a support ticket with us in order for us to install the certificate on your behalf.

This was a headache for customers because not only did it increase costs, it also involved DNS propagation to the new IP address which could cause disruption to the existing site(s). Well, I am pleased to say that as of this blog post, the process has now changed for the better.

The new and current system
With the inclusion of SNI (something we have been waiting for for a very long time), dedicated IP addresses are no longer required to use SSL certificates. Certificates are matched on the name being accessed in the browser, rather than the IP address of the connection, eliminating the need to change IP address entirely.

This also has significant benefits to the previous system. Customers can now also install SSL certificates on add-on domains and sub-domains as well as any sub-accounts within WHM. Separate, unique accounts are no longer required.

Finally, because of these changes, we now provide the ability for customers to install their own SSL certificates, right from within cPanel. Opening a support ticket to request that we do this is no longer required.

As the process for SSL certificates has changed, we have completely rewritten our guide for managing SSL certificates. You can find the new guide here in this knowledge base article.

Existing customers
If you’re an existing customer who has a dedicated IP address, or separate account(s) specifically for using an SSL certificate then your current system will work and continue to work just fine. We have no plans to withdraw the existing configurations of current customers. If you do wish to remove your dedicated IP address or merge any account(s) back into any other account(s), then please get in touch via a support ticket and we will do our best to assist you.

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