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April Update & New Features

April 22nd, 2011

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Well, it’s April 2011 and fortunately there’s not much to report. I say fortunately because as it happens most of the time at the this* camp, everything is working as it should! We’re still developing things behind the scenes to make our hosting more fluid and automated, saving time for both you and us, so I wanted to take a little time to talk about some of the latest changes we’ve made.

Automated and Automatic Affiliate Payouts
I’m pretty sure we’re the only one, if not one of the very very few hosting providers out there who have any kind of automated affiliate payout system in production – and we’re proud of that. This means that without needing to get in touch with us, you can view your affiliate account balance and either send the money directly to your PayPal or add it to your balance with us. All in a few seconds and a few mouse clicks.

Redesigned Ticket System
We’ve redesigned our ticket system slightly so that whilst submitting your ticket and before it is sent to us, you are prompted with possible suggestions and solutions to your questions or issues you may be facing – with information pulled directly from our knowledgebase. This is primarily to reduce the number of what we refer to as “obvious tickets” containing very common questions which are already covered within our knowledgebase. We’re really trying to push our knowledgebase as the first port of call for any questions clients have, and we’re always adding to it. Many companies have knowledgebases and Wikis detailing how to complete common tasks, and the intent is to reduce support time.

I’m very happy to say this is working well, and our support times are lower than ever 🙂

Automated Domain Name Changes
Previously a feature we’d charge for (due to the Administration involved), we’ve now developed a system where you can modify the domain name of your account from within the client area. This is to assist those who may “flip” their websites regularly, or want to let their domain expire and utilise their hosting account on another domain instead. You can find this by selecting ‘My Hosting Accounts’ and then clicking the ‘Manage’ button next to the hosting account in question. At the bottom there will be a new button allowing you to change the domain name.

Promotions Page
Many people ask or want to know if we’re currently running any promotions. To aid those and to boost the use of our promotional codes, we’ve created a page on our website that pulls currently active promotional codes out of our system and displays it on the website, along with the value of the code and the expiry date(s). Never miss a promotion again! Don’t forget, there’s currently 50% off all hosting accounts throughout April.

As always, we’d love to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions. Thanks for being a part of this*.

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  1. joe Godbee

    April 23, 2011

    The domain name changes on hosting accounts is genius! I have yet to have a host that would even do this, yet alone make it automated. Just another reason I host exclusively my personal and client sites with This*

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