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20th May 2014: Package Updates

May 20th, 2014

closeThis post was published 5 years 8 months 7 days ago which means the content may no longer be applicable or relevant to the service we offer today. If in doubt, please contact us.

Following on from our previous blog post regarding improvements to our service, we have now restructured our shared and reseller hosting packages. It has been a few years since we have made any changes to the packages that we offer, and we felt it was now time to make changes to fit more in line with industry standards and to meet today’s needs of website owners.

Shared Hosting
The greatest and primary change we have made is dramatically increasing the bandwidth on these packages. We have listened to your feedback and you have expressed that you wanted more bandwidth, with greater differences between each package. Bandwidth has now increased approximately 500% or more on all shared and reseller hosting packages, and the difference between packages is now much greater as a result.

We have removed the ‘Ultra’ shared hosting package because we felt it is now redundant. Typically the users of the ‘Ultra’ package were high bandwidth users, who can now take advantage of a new lower package at a reduced price.

Pricing has increased slightly by approximately $1 per package, per month. This is to fit more in line with industry pricing.

Reseller Hosting
Disk space and bandwidth on these packages have been greatly increased. Previously our reseller accounts felt more like  shared hosting accounts with WHM access tacked on, rather than an account that was specifically designed to be suitable for resellers. We feel that these increases make a reseller account far more useful and accessible to those who wish to resell hosting to others, and that the limits are again more in line with industry standards. Pricing has also changed on these packages in order to reflect the vastly increased resources being allocated to them.

Account limits have now been introduced in order to improve fair usage on our servers. This is a limit to the number of accounts a reseller can create and attempts to prevent the increased resource usage from resellers creating thousands of very small quota accounts.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting
No changes have been made to these packages, as we feel they are already very competitive and suitable for those who have outgrown shared hosting.

Existing Clients & Upgrading or Downgrading
In line with all previous package changes, existing clients have not and will not be pushed or forced onto any of our new packages. Your existing products will run as they are for the lifetime of your account, however you may choose to upgrade or downgrade your account at any time should you wish. Existing clients will only be able to upgrade or downgrade to one of these newer packages, as the old packages have been retired from the upgrade path and are no longer available for purchase.

To confirm, all existing clients will continue to run on the accounts that you signed up with. You will not automatically receive these new disk space and bandwidth quotas. If you wish to switch to one of these new accounts, you can do so from within the client area by choosing the ‘Upgrade/Downgrade’ option.

Future Products
We have plans in the near future to introduce a VPS service, which we feel will provide a further upgrade path for those who have outgrown semi-dedicated hosting or simply wish to have far greater control over their environment. We will provide more details on this soon.

Your Feedback
We hope that these changes are seen positively by you. We feel the increased bandwidth offerings are essential to a growing Internet where media and particularly high resolution images are becoming commonplace.

We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on these changes. Please let us know how you feel about this blog post by posting a comment below.

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